Intervju - Behind The Veil - Grekland.

Jävligt coolt, fick för en tid sedan en förfrågan från den grekiska Heavy Metal sidan Behind The Veil om man jag kände för att göra en liten intervju för dem. Självklart så blev mitt svar ja. Det finns att läsa på vår "stora" hemsida

Eller så har ni den här. Håll till godo!

1. First of all I'd like you to tell us a few things about the band by pointing out the most important moments of the band's life so far. Have you ever faced any difficulties that gave you second thoughts regarding the band?

In the beginning it was when we guest starred Sweden's most famous rock radio station, that is hosted by drummer Ian Haugland from the band EUROPE. That is definitely the most important moment we had so far. But, in September we will appear in Scandinavia's biggest rock magazine Sweden Rock magazine. That will be awesome! During the years we had some changes in the band's lineup that have made things a little bit complicated. But now we stand on solid ground and we are stronger than ever!

2. This three track demo I've had the pleasure of listening to consists of songs that have been previously released on your albums. Why did you re-release them and you didn't include any new songs here? Have they been altered?

First of all, we didn't really feel comfortable with the old production of the songs. It was more like a "demo sound". And when we got the chance to re-record them, we also did some changes in the song arrangements. I can definitely say that the new versions kill!

3. What kind of differences and evolution has the band experienced from the release of "7 Times Your Sin" till now?

The first thing that comes to my mind is HEAVIER! But still with melodies of course... When we did "7 Times Your Sin" we had not really found the band's sound. Don't get me wrong, I love the songs on that record. When we started to record the second album, a heavier and darker sound just came out naturally. We just played what felt right at the time, there was no plan to take the band's music in another direction.

4. Please tell us a few things about "New Army for the New Revolution" which was a full length released last year. Does the album title work as an indication that the band consisted of new members? Give us some info on the album.

The album title has nothing to do with new members of the band, because there were none. The title is a tribute to the old school rock ´n' roll heroes, and that we are the "new army" that keeps the metal legacy alive. I think the album consists of a good mix of various elements. Songs to sing along with, faster once and some other kinds of evil!

5. Why do you believe the metallers should check you out? What do you have to offer to the scene? How would you describe your music?

Straight forward metal with no bullshit! Incredible vocals by Johan Fahlberg and groovy shit that makes you wanna rock! That's what DENIED has to offer to the scene. It's as simple as that.

6. On the same basis I'd also like you to point out the best and the weakest moments or elements of your music according to you.

I don't believe we have any weak "elements" in the band. This is how we sound and this is what we do. I know that we don't sound like a "technical" band, as for instance DREAM THEATER. Our music is hard, heavy and SIMPLE. We are not here to impress with skills and shit.

7. What kind of procedure do you follow whilst composing songs? Is it a team work or do certain people have more of a say on the musical direction of the band?

We always start with the music before doing the lyrics. Most of the times I come up with an idea in my home studio. Our bass player Robert Stellmar is a mastermind when it comes to arrangements. You know, it's like a puzzle. Piece by piece and step by step the songs start to take shape.

8. Which are the topics your lyrics deal with? Which are your sources of inspiration?

Most of them have a "darker" side... we don't sing about love and happy endings. The world we are living in gives all the inspiration that we need. Crazy fanatics, war, blah blah blah...

9. The cover artwork of the album is simple and to the point! There's no mistaking this is a metal album! Who's responsible for it and how is it connected to the album's essence and lyrics? Is there a special meaning behind it?

Skulls is heavy metal! We wanted to have a nice clean, simple artwork this time. The cover has nothing to do with the lyrics. It's nice, it's black and it's DENIED!

10. Can you name some of your biggest influences? Which are those bands that made you realize this is the kind of music you enjoy the most?

I listen to a lot of bands. From AOR to real heavy things. But bands who have made the most impression on me are for example ICED EARTH, TESTAMENT, Halford etc

11. What kind of feedback have you received this far? What was the best and what the most unfair comment you've read about your music?

I can say that after recording "Chapter III", the first with the new singer Johan Fahlberg, we have received from all over the world, great compliments! All the positive feedback we had these last months have made us more determined to make it to the big league. Until this day no one has dared to say anything too bad... Hahaha!

12. Have you sent your album to any labels? What would you like to be offered in order to sign a deal with a label?

This is the hard part of the business. Record deals and labels. We are in the promotion process right now, hopefully something happens. But we would really like it if Nuclear Blast called and offered a deal!

13. You've released two albums so far and both were released independently. Why?

That was an easy one.... We have been god damn too lazy!

14. What do you think of the Internet? Many blame it for the financial crisis in the music industry. Where do you stand regarding this matter?

I say like many other bands and artists, it's good and it's bad. You can easily get your music out there, get people to know you. The bad side is of course, that if no one pays for the music there will be no music recorded. You know, to make an album happen is not for free. As strange as it might sound, I am both for and against it.

15. What kind of emotions and thoughts do you believe your music creates to your listeners?

Even though our music is hard and heavy I hope it makes people have a good time. It's only rock ´n' roll and it's supposed to make you smile. It's not about life and death.

16. How are you promoting your work? Do you play live shows often? How easy is it for an unsigned band to promote their work?

Our two websites and are the most important way to promote us and get our name out there. We are always looking for new gigs. Last month we did a show at Sweden's most famous rock club Pub Anchor in Stockholm. A show at legendary Ballroom in Hamburg some time later this autumn is planned, the date will be confirmed later.

17. Is there a phrase or title you think can encompass everything DENIED stands for?

Heavy metal is the law!

18. By the way don't you have any problems with your moniker? There are at least 3 more bands using the same name.

I haven't really thought that much about it. But, I know that can be a serious problem. If a problem should occur we will have to deal with that then.

19. You come from Sweden which is one of the biggest and most productive metal countries. How easy or difficult is it for a band to stand out from the rest over there?

I have a strong belief that no other band sounds like us. We have a fantastic singer, a sound that's pure 100 % metal mayhem. Good old rock´n roll quality always speaks for itself. I think that's what makes us special.

20. Thank you! These lines belong to you so leave a message to our readers...

As always, heavy metal forever and support DENIED from Stockholm, Sweden!

Christine Parastatidou / Behind The Veil.


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