Ny recension från Frankrike.

Yes, då var det dags igen. En ny recension av "Chapter III". Denna gång på metal websidan www.rockmeeting.com i Frankrike. Återigen ett mycket bra betyg. Bara att läsa nedan o begrunda.

"DENIED, a swedish band founded in 2003 by Andreas Carlsson the guitarist, can be proud to have succeeded with the integration of Fahlberg(ex-SCUDIERO and nowadays in JADED HEART) to their line-up!

Since the first release composed of demos and titled 7 Times Your Sin in 2005, and with the coming of Robert Stellmar and Pete Dolls, plus in 2008 with their second release New Army For The Old Revolution, I notice that DENIED has worked hard!

Chapter III is ready for the(Melodic)Heavy Metal scene, a choice/orientation wished by DENIED since their start in 2003. People who has been offended by the course of events in Sinister Mind by JADED HEART, I dont think this EP is something for them, because it is a very loud bomb of Heavy Metal!

Just three songs compose Chapter III: 7 Times Your Sin(7 Times Your Sin's album), The Black Room and Lesser Son(The New Army For The Old Revolution's album). As I've said, the add of a loud but melodic sound with Falhberg's voice is for me a good recipe. This can be interesting for the fan, searching after Melodic Heavy Metal without keyboards. Maybe,
7 Times Your Sin is the less stronger song, which can be listened to by "brave people" who wants to try these three songs!

Many bands as DENIED has been created, however this guys has integrated a really great vocalist: a nice challenge! Some web radios, webzines has acclaimed the talent of DENIED. Rock Meeting is the next one to do it!

Rock Meeting stars: 4 out of 5

//Axl Dobby - Rock Meeting

Recension på amerikanska - www.hardrockplace.com

Söndag igen. Helgen snart slut. Gäller att passa på och ta denna dag till vara på bästa möjliga sätt. Ska försöka hinna med att jobba med vår myspace sida, kolla in lite fotboll på Canal plus, fixa med vår nya låt som börjar ta form osv. Blir nog en bra dag om jag hinner med allt. Angående "nya" låten så var jag, Rob & Dolls i replokalen flera timmar igår och arbetade med den. Skulle nog vilja påstå att musiken är klar nu. Kommer att bli jävligt häftig. En bra "live" låt. Otroligt bra driv, sten hårda riff m.m. Ska bli intressant att se vad Johan kommer att skriva för text + sångmelodier. Målet är att den ska vara inspelad och klar under 2009.

Okej, ny recension av "Chapter III" kom upp för en liten tid sedan på amerikanska metal websidan www.hardrockplace.com. "Som vanligt", för den som inte orkar gå in sidan kan läsa omdömet här nedan.


After hearing the three song EP or demo from Sweden's "Denied", I'm already convinced these guys are onto bigger things. Everything I like in my Power Metal is here, big hooks, gang shouting, blistering solos and crunchy guitars, thundering drums and bass, and a vocalist who can tear it up. They also have "something" that sets them apart. The music is pretty dark and has more of a groove, in other words, it sounds like a modern version of the Classic Metal sound.

Guitarist Andreas Carlsson's guitar sound is menacing, dark and heavy. New Jaded Heart vocalist Johan Fahlberg has some great range, but he's also got a nice scratch to his voice that make him sound a big more sinister. Pete Dolls on drums and Robert Stellmar on bass are provide "Denied" with a steel backbone and help tie everything together.

While I admit they're not doing anything completely ground-breaking, they are putting their own mark on a Power Metal scene that sometimes lacks in imagination. I think the little things this band is doing will set them apart from the wave of Power Metal coming out of Europe.

//Torch - Rock And A Hard Place


Intervju på hollänska www.rockpics.nl

För en liten tiden sedan så fick jag en förfrågan från hollänska hårdrocks websidan www.rockpics.nl om jag kände för att göra en liten intervju för dem. Självklart var svaret från min sida. Så här är den:

05.09.2009 Interview with Andreas Carlsson from Denied

A little while ago i wrote a short review of the new demo from the Swedish band "Denied", after this review I had the oppertunity to interview Andreas Carlsson, guitarist from Denied.

Can you introduce Denied to the readers?

Denied is a heavy metal band from Upplands Väsby, right outside Stockholm/ Sweden and was formed in 2004 by guitarist Andreas Carlsson. If you’re a fan of classic heavy metal you will definitely love Denied. The band line-up is: new singer Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart), bass player Robert Stellmar, drummer Pete Dolls and myself (Andreas Carlsson on guitar).

I’ve heard the 3 demo songs with new Denied vocalist Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart). And it sounds really good. Can you tell some more about Johan joining the band?

When we released our second demo “The New Army For The Old Revolution” autumn 2008, the band split with the former singer and we had a release party coming up, then our drummer Pete suggested we should call his old long time friend Johan Fahlberg, to be able to do the performance. The evening went out to be a huge success, and since then he is a full time band member.

Johan’s other band (Jaded Heart) is from Duisburg, Germany, isn’t it difficult to combine these two bands for him?

So far we had no issues that Johan also sings with Jaded Heart. But of course, if we are very unlucky our plans could collide. If it should happen we will find a solution for that. I feel that it is not a problem for him to be a part of the two bands.

In the past Denied already released some demo’s/CD’s. Can you tell me something more about the songs on it?

We released our first demo “Seven Times Your Sin” in May 2005, this album was more melodic and it actually included two ballads! I really love all the songs on this record, but today we only play the title track live. Because that song represents how we sound today. On album number two “The New Army For The Old Revolution” we took the sound to a darker and heavier direction. Actually, there was no plan to take the bands music to another direction. It just felt right at that time and I believe that we made a good “decision”.

Where do you find your experience to write songs?

I have been a metal fan all my life, I can really say that I have the music in my veins. I put the power on my Marshall amp and then the songs just comes to me. Yes, but of course my biggest influence comes from bands like Iced Earth, Fight, Halford had some impact on me.

Do you have any idea what the future plans are for Denied? What can we expect the next months/years?

For the moment, we are working very hard to get a record deal. That’s step number one. We also in the process of writing new songs that hopefully will be available within the next couple of months. I can tell you that the new tracks will definitely kills! Next year we are gonna focus on festivals and other shows. We will see what happens. But the future looks really really good for us.

Is there a tour or some shows in the planning? Will you then visit some other European countries besides Sweden?

A performance at Ballroom/Hamburg later this year is planned, but the date has not been confirmed yet.

Do you play in other bands or do you have other projects next to Denied?

Actually, me and Pete Dolls play in a band called D`Revolt with a couple of friends, only for fun. The lyrics are in Swedish and the music is a mix of punk, rock and metal. We only play when we have some spare time.

What is your most favourite song ever from another band then Denied?

I could say a million songs, but if I have to pick one I would say “Raise Your Fist” from the album “Under Jolly Roger” with my favourite band of all time Running Wild.

Is there an artist with who you really would love to play a gig?

During the fact that Running Wild recently quit playing, then I say Iced Earth.

Is there anything you want to add to this interview or some last words??

Make sure to keep your eyes open for the next heavy metal sensation from Stockholm/Sweden - DENIED!


Thanks a lot for your time and keep up the good work!!
Suzanne - Rockpics

Ny recension i Holländska - www.rockpics.nl

En ny recension av vår senaste demo cd "Chapter III" finns nu att läsa på den Hollänska metal websidan www.rockpics.nl. Den som inte orkar gå in på sidan kan läsa den här nedan:

"Denied, a band from Stockholm Sweden, recently recorded their 3 track demo with new vocalist Johan Fahlberg (from the German band Jaded Heart). The first thing I thought when I heard Denied with Johan as vocalist was, this sounds exactly like Saxon. But when you listen longer you hear that this is not Saxon, but something heavier and I really like it. The voice of Johan Fahlberg is darker/lower than the voice of Biff Byford (Saxon)and the music from Denied is more straight ahead.

No pianos of industrial/electronic sounds. Just straight fast metal. It is remarkable that Denied only has one guitarist, but while listening to the band you don’t hear that. I still hear a strong guitar sound, and I think that is worth a compliment. With this line-up Denied has something in hands that can make the band big!"

RockpicsReviews marking: 8,5 out of 10

//Suzanne - Rockpics

Femsiffrigt på Myspace.

I mitten av Juni månad hade bandet ca 1310 st "vänner" på Myspace sidan. Det var då det. Nu är vi uppe i 10120 st. En ganska så bra ökning på några månader. Tro mig när jag säger det. En jävla massa timmars hårt arbete ligger bakom det. Ska man nöja sig med att ha kommit upp "så högt"? Absolut inte. Tvärtom, höja ribba med ett par steg. Vår sida på myspace är super viktig. Ett otroligt bra sätt att få ut bandets musik på. Men, nu behöver vi hjälp av någon med denna grej. En som gillar Denied, har stor passion för musik, en som är "seriös" med arbetet och i säg själv. Skulle detta vara något att hoppa på, bli bandets Myspace Boss, skicka mig ett litet mail då på:


/Andreas - DENIED

Full fart på Tensta Marknad.

Ingen längre blogg denna lilla Tisdag. Lite seg. Jobbade jävligt länge igår. Idag blev den en 40 minuters spring runda när man kom hem. Skönt att röra på sig lite. Skriver en lite längre blogg senare i veckan.
Glöm inte att boka in Lördagen 28 Nov. Runby Bar & Kök. DENIED live med support av ROUGH DIAMOND.


Tack till Ivan från Eterno för bilden från Tensta Marknad.

Spelning bokad på hemmaplan - Lördag 28 Nov.

Se till att boka upp Lördagen 28 Nov. Då händer höstens coolaste hårdrocks tillställning på hemmaplan. DENIED live på Runby Bar & Kök. Till denna kväll kommer vi att ha med oss våra polare i Rough Diamond som supportband för att krydda till det hela riktigt extra! Två av Väsby´s bästa metal band på samma scen. Missa inte det! Detta har precis blivit klart så mer info om tider osv kommer snarast möjligt.


Tensta Marknad - Lördag 5 Sep.

Igår Lördag 5 September så gjorde vi ett litet framträdande på Tensta Marknad. Måste säga att det var jävligt trevligt. Stor scen på stället (vilket vi inte direkt är bortskämda med...), bra ljud utrustning, trevliga människor osv. Denna spelning var inget vanligt gig om man kan säga så. Peter i bandet jobbar i en skol i Tensta, många av skolans kids hade frågat Herr Dolls om inte han + bandet kunde lira på årets T.M. Ja varför inte? Vi åkte dit, gick upp på scenen, fullt tok ös från första tills sista sekund. Alla som har sätt oss live tidigare vet vad jag menar med det. 100 % Mayhem! Eller Mayhan som en "del" kallar det för..... Låtarna som framfördes var:

1. Lesser Son
2. The Black Room
3. Seven Times Your Sin

P.S. Idag blir det ev klart med en höst spelning på hemma plan. Kolla in blogg + hemsida för mer info om det.


Tisdag - En blandad dag.

Ska väl ertjäna att jag inte har direkt 1000 nya grejor att berätta om i denna blogg idag. Men en del finns det ju alltid att skriva om. Några saker bra, några mindre bra och en jätte bra. Vi kan börja med "några bra". Har ikväll haft kontakt med några rock klubbar, intressanta gig på gång i framtiden. Ev blir det en sväng över Östersjön. Kan bli mycket intressant.... När något är bekräftat till 100 % så lägger vi upp det på hemsidan så klart. Punkt två, "mindre bra". Det finns något i livet som heter arbeta.... Kommentarer överflödiga. Sist men inte minst så klart, "jätte bra". Vad kan det vara, ha det säger jag inte. Det får framtiden utvisa.... Arne på den!

STÖD DENIED - Och god morgon "C" :-)

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