Kom en recension från Grekland.... Är ganska så nöjd med den...

Denna recension finns idag, Måndag att läsa på den Grekiska Heavy Metal websidan Behind The Veil om vår senaste tre spårs demo cd som vi har valt att kalla för "Chapter III".

"Are we being serious here?!?! How can such bands pass unnoticed and are still unsigned? There's something wrong here and I'd advise all the labels to stop releasing crappy albums that sound identical to one another and try to find bands with balls and a personal approach to music. Such a band is DENIED from Sweden and all I can say is that I'm simply stunned by the three songs I've had the pleasure to listen to here. One other thing I need to say is that from this point on I'm seriously a DENIED fan and I'll be following their every move! These three songs reveal a band with passion and dynamics that is able to deliver a personal and recognizable sound. The foundation of their music is thrash metal, but they fuse and mix it with classic heavy metal forms and modern touches. Furthermore their song "Black Room" has a strong SAVATAGE essence and it's so beautiful that I'm sure SAVATAGE would definitely want it in their discography! These songs are pure headbangers showing the band's skills, that are top notch, and presenting to us an amazing singer with incredible vocal abilities. This demo is a pure killer!!!! Get your hands on it immediately!!!"

Christine Parastatidou/Behind The Veil



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