Ny recension av "Chapter III" på www.metal-rules.com

För ett par veckor sedan så gjorde www.metal-rules.com (denna sidan räknas som en av de större och bästa i metal web världen) en recension av vår senaste demo cd "Chapter III".

Denied, these melodic and groovy sounding metallers from
Stockholm,Sweden, have come back with new tricks and threats. The band has always suffered, more or less, from some line-up changes over the years, but every setback has its meaningful
purpose, I guess.

CHAPTER III, as the title for this ´old-new´ 3-track offering from Denied goes, the purpose of this recording is obviously to introduce the band´s new vocalist and frontman to the world; Johan Fahlberg, who also takes care of vocal duties in the German heavy metal band called Jaded Heart.

By the word combination ´old-new´ I meant that Denied have re-recorded 3 of their old songs ripped out from their previous 2 albums for this promotional release, just to introduce basically how Johan fits into the band´s leather boots vocally.

Well, it's no surprising news to most of us, but Johan´s got a very good and powerful voice, much like their previous singer Jari did have a great voice as well. In that sense Denied has made a right decision to hire this guy for the new vocalist of the band – and these 3 old Denied songs have also got some brand-new charm to them, too – sounding positively more updated and kinda refreshed versions as well.

Straightforward, melodic, groovy and heavily riff-based modern heavy metal is still the name of the game for this Stockholm-based metal act Denied – and ´hidden potentiality´ are the band´s two new middle names from now on.

Nothing else to be reported from Denied´s direction this time. Labels attention: Catch them!

Rating: 3,5 out of 5

//Luxi Lahtinen


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