Ny recension från Frankrike.

Yes, då var det dags igen. En ny recension av "Chapter III". Denna gång på metal websidan www.rockmeeting.com i Frankrike. Återigen ett mycket bra betyg. Bara att läsa nedan o begrunda.

"DENIED, a swedish band founded in 2003 by Andreas Carlsson the guitarist, can be proud to have succeeded with the integration of Fahlberg(ex-SCUDIERO and nowadays in JADED HEART) to their line-up!

Since the first release composed of demos and titled 7 Times Your Sin in 2005, and with the coming of Robert Stellmar and Pete Dolls, plus in 2008 with their second release New Army For The Old Revolution, I notice that DENIED has worked hard!

Chapter III is ready for the(Melodic)Heavy Metal scene, a choice/orientation wished by DENIED since their start in 2003. People who has been offended by the course of events in Sinister Mind by JADED HEART, I dont think this EP is something for them, because it is a very loud bomb of Heavy Metal!

Just three songs compose Chapter III: 7 Times Your Sin(7 Times Your Sin's album), The Black Room and Lesser Son(The New Army For The Old Revolution's album). As I've said, the add of a loud but melodic sound with Falhberg's voice is for me a good recipe. This can be interesting for the fan, searching after Melodic Heavy Metal without keyboards. Maybe,
7 Times Your Sin is the less stronger song, which can be listened to by "brave people" who wants to try these three songs!

Many bands as DENIED has been created, however this guys has integrated a really great vocalist: a nice challenge! Some web radios, webzines has acclaimed the talent of DENIED. Rock Meeting is the next one to do it!

Rock Meeting stars: 4 out of 5

//Axl Dobby - Rock Meeting


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