Ny recension i Holländska - www.rockpics.nl

En ny recension av vår senaste demo cd "Chapter III" finns nu att läsa på den Hollänska metal websidan www.rockpics.nl. Den som inte orkar gå in på sidan kan läsa den här nedan:

"Denied, a band from Stockholm Sweden, recently recorded their 3 track demo with new vocalist Johan Fahlberg (from the German band Jaded Heart). The first thing I thought when I heard Denied with Johan as vocalist was, this sounds exactly like Saxon. But when you listen longer you hear that this is not Saxon, but something heavier and I really like it. The voice of Johan Fahlberg is darker/lower than the voice of Biff Byford (Saxon)and the music from Denied is more straight ahead.

No pianos of industrial/electronic sounds. Just straight fast metal. It is remarkable that Denied only has one guitarist, but while listening to the band you don’t hear that. I still hear a strong guitar sound, and I think that is worth a compliment. With this line-up Denied has something in hands that can make the band big!"

RockpicsReviews marking: 8,5 out of 10

//Suzanne - Rockpics


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