Ny destination - Grekland!

Den grekiska metal-websidan Behind The Veil har skrivit en recension av våra två nya låtar Garden Of Stone + In Hell. Dessa spår kommer även att vara med på vår kommande fullängdsplatta som planeras vara inspelad och klar senare under året. Mycket nöje med läsningen nedan.

"Approximately two years have passed from the release of their demo and DENIED prove once again with this two track single that they are an ear-catching powerful combo that has the knack to create unbelievably beautiful songs. The two tracks I had the pleasure to enjoy with this single have reinforced the first opinion I had about them...

DENIED are an amazing skillful band and I was more than right to be impressed and enthused with their sound. They are filed under the thrash metal genre, but things aren't so straightforward or crystal clear, because the guys like to infuse their thrash metal with a great deal of classic heavy metal tunes and riffs. So, the end result is other times fast, sharp and edgy and other times it has a more subtle energy and power. Nevertheless their songs are always imbued in passion and love for metal music. I really can't stop listening to "Garden of Stone", whose same titled song reveals a different aspect of the band's music with its power ballad character and the tornado-like "In Hell" which is dynamic, heavy and takes you along forcing you into relentless headbanging.

DENIED is a great band who have put forth a flawless single with a great production, superb performances from both the lead and the rhythm sections and is topped by incredible vocals that elevate the end result even more. "Garden of Stone" is an appetizer for what's in store for us and I can only say it made me anxious to get my hands on a copy of the upcoming album. DENIED are a band that deserve worldwide recognition! Check them out and you can only agree with me!"

Christine Parastatidou/Behind The Veil


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